Hey Buddy

“Hey buddy, how are you doing? Don’t, don’t go away, I’m referring to YOU. Yes, the one who is reading this line. How are you doing? How’s you exam? Is it hard? May be you are not satisfied with it, right? But my friend, don’t let your life control you, you are the master who controls it. A little failure would not drag you right? Everyone has to touch the ground with his hands, her hands, till they can stand on your own foot.So, it’s good to be back a child again.Have you ever realized how wonderful the sky is. How magical the star are. How gentle the wind is.There are just too many good things in this life, and isn’t it foolish of you to keep thinking about the left side of your life?

I mean, keep thinking about it.It’s good to think about it, but then, let it go, for life goes on. I wonder why you even have time to whine about a thing which you can’t change, to cry over the time that will not come back.

My friends, you are strong, may you fail, stand up and go on.You have perfect foot to stand on your own, you have beautiful eyes to see the wonder of this world, you have strong will to go on.So go on, don’t give up, don’t let the world hold you, because you are the one who is the master of yourself.

Your dreams are yours to weave, your ways are yours to go.So, go.

I want to wish you luck, but my words are just not enough to say.May you stop everything for a while and reflect. Best wishes from me.”

May 2006