Black Silk

There’s a piece of silk I own
Deep black silk it is.
My hair long and straight
(That) your fingers fondle.

In my hair I hide
The darkest secret, deep inside
My fear, my loneliness,
My willing to breathe.

It hides my tears so you can’t see
The real me in deep black.
My hair falls, my hair frizzles,
And it breaks.

My hair hides my curves
It touches my cheeks, my lips,
My breast, my nipples, my round shoulders
Very gently; you (simply) can’t do it.

I won’t cut my hair,
I won’t perm it.
I’ll grow it straight
For myself, for myself.

For my own self.
My black silk. For my (lonesome) pride. Self. Mine.


I miss myself. all the time. I miss myself the most when I’m with myself.
send me a piece of silk. send me a piece of cloth. to tie my wrist. my heart.

March 18, 2007