You believe in me

I’m on my journey…

life is a long and windy journey. I’m walking on my boulevard. me and my dreams. me and my shadow. me in my red red summer days…

leaving home, leaving my luxurious and comfortable life behind, it might be a JAL airplane, it might be a long distance bus taking me to my destiny. taking me to my happiness.

US. a lonely, desperate life of a boarding student, yet full of challenges and trials. I’ve learnt a lot about the wide wild world out there, but even more about myself. learned to exert myself to the furthest extent, learned to make the most out of it. learned to transform my body and my brain to something useful. something meaningful. lively and colorful.

PT. my turning point. where I confirm my love. where my passion is shared. where I really pour myself into life. my love expands and my passion grows. the people, the people. the reason why I do whatever I do is because I love people.

somewhere along the journey my hands might tremble, my feet might stagger. like now. even though I never doubt my passion, even though I never question my love, and never do I care about what others say, sometimes, like you say, I do need some assurance, some support, like what you’re giving me. such as your trust, your belief in me.

sometimes I feel like walking this journey alone. it’s a long and it’s a windy one. thought that I have enough courage and endeavor. thought that I have enough commitment and devotion. but there are times I feel unstable. lonely. abandoned. gotta wipe away my fear and wound and go on.

I’d reach out for your hands, reach out for your trust in me. when people mistreat my passion, I’d call your name. that day, when I feel most crazy and isolated, I was waiting, was longing for you to come. there you were, assisting my trembling soul. that I cherish.

you keep repeating you believe in me. you believe in me. yes, that I remember. you believe in me…

and I believe in me, that is definitely true. I have an infinite trust in me. an absolute, immortal one. it doesn’t matter what they say or what they do, no one can stop me. I’m on my long and windy road…

“couldn’t be much more from the heart
forever trusting who we are
and nothing else matters…”

fire from my passion keeps me burning, keeps my summer red…


August 5, 2007