Believing is Seeing

by Hiền Nga

“‘Seeing is believing,’ that’s what they say, isn’t it?”
<Kate – The History of Water (Noelle Janaczewska)>

not always. sometimes things work the other way around. believing is seeing. tin là thấy.

this motto caught my attention. “tin là thấy,” said Lê Thanh Tú, CEO of Jolie Siam on Nhịp Cầu 39. saying that because she was going against what other people believe. saying that because she was proving that she can see what she believes. yes, you see what you believe. your belief is stronger than everything.

living is a long progress that you don’t see the end yet. not even the comings. but you can see your belief. if you believe there is tomorrow, then you’ll see it. the world is in your vision, the world is as you see it.

things may rise today and fall tomorrow or they just wander around. we don’t know. we can’t know. the only thing we have is faith. your brother once told me, “faith is the belief of rainbow in the storm, the smile in tears, and the hope for better in despair.” so even if today or the day before there was something happening not the way we want, there might always be a rainbow, a smile, or hope for the day after. there might always be something good waiting for us ahead.

or it might be rain. it might be storm. we might have tears and there might be despair. even so, even so my dear. we hold the strength in our heart and in our hand to change reality. we always have a chance.

my friend, there might be points you doubt yourself, and times you question yourself, who you are in this life, what you are doing, where you are going, what good and how meaningful you are to others. you might fear. it’s alright, it’s alright my dear. pause for a little while and take a deep breath. that is you the person who has the chance to breathe that freshly scented air. don’t you see yourself? do you fear?

we are living a life. we are living a life. reapeat that. we are living our dreams. living dreams. repeat it thoroughly in your heart. remember. please remember. your life is yours to live. live it. live it great.

remember, it’s YOUR life. you gotta believe in your life in order to live it. there might be some people who don’t understand you. it’s ok. ignore them for now. the one thing you have to focus is yourself. focus in yourself. focus in your dreams. focus in your belief. then you’ll make it.

race the moon, catch the wind… fire the flame.

we are going to do it.

my last five cents. you, do not accept “anything lower than the best effort, the best trial, the hardest work, the hardest thinking.” you’re not a mediocrity. you’re there to do great things. believe so, and you’ll see. one day, we all will see you the great, the person who gives a lot to the world and makes big changes to other people’s lives. we all will see you.

because today we believe.

“trust thyself, every heart vibrates to that iron string.”

when you believe…

my dearest buddy, I’m holding your hands in mine, squeezing them tight. can you feel me? can you feel my trust in you? I can see you. because I believe in you. I truly do. always. unchanged.

September 1, 2007

“Believe in the magic you can create”