Carpe Diem

by Hiền Nga

“You know it’s all about the choices we make, the roads we take, patterns we form; how we handle the ache, ride the storm, breaking, faking, shaking the milk while enjoying the cake. You know I’d bake for you? Drinking from the half of a broken bottle and with ilk everywhere. This is about the tiny details of the giant picture, and the people who might care.”

when was the last time you were mad to do something crazy? something silly? something ridiculous? something you desire? something that embarrasses you? something out of the norms? when was the last time you live? your life’s going smoothly and you ask yourself what else you could ever need. you feel a little empty yet you’re too full to figure out the spice that matches your plate. you whole milk drinker would never try Lactaid because you think it would taste like fat’ve spent years to do this same thing but does it mean it’s already terminated your life? isn’t there something else to try? isn’t the unexplored part of the world still very wide?

when was the last time you feel truly excited? inspired? when was the last time you feel like you really, really want to do something? when was the last time you’re not scared to do it? the last time you transcend? learn something new and cool like morning dews’ kisses?

live for yourself and the wonders it brings. seek for variety and don’t be satisfied with the presence. because there’s always some more life offers that you can take. screw big, suck hard. struggle and fight. try to go beyond. break the ordinary. dream. dream wild.

did they say “Live the life you imagine?” how about “Live the life you can’t ever imagine?”

try something new today and follow your gut. pour all you have into every breath. stop thinking and start living. make a difference to your life. yourself. the way you see the world. the way you feel it. the way you create it.

The only people for me are the mad ones.