A Self-request

Hi myself,

I would like you to:

1. Stay focused
2. Be optimistic, no matter what
3. Hang in, regardless. Don’t drop the ball.
4. Pass on what you love and are passionate about
5. Pay off emotion debts
6. Find the good in being fired/rejected
7. Bounce back after failures
8. Master the difficult—aka a large amount of work
9. Wake up alerted every morning
10. Learn to forgive yourself, go easier on yourself, and give it a break
11. Learn to say No

I would like to congrat you on achieving the stage of “Rất thích thú và đam mê công việc hiện tại, cảm giác mình sinh ra là để làm những thứ như thế này. Vất vả một chút nhưng rất vui.” (“Very much in love and passionate with recent work(s), feel like I was born to to this kind of work. It’s tough but it’s also so much fun”) (quoted from my ex-boss CongPT).

I also hope you can go “softer.” You’ve been tough, you’ve tried hard, but it’s healthy to be emotional and let it loose sometimes. I hope you can lean on others again. I hope you’ll feel comfortable enough to lay your head on people’s laps and rest on their shoulders. I hope you can find the emotional one in you once again, I hope you’ll feel connected with people emotionally once again.

You’ve been too lonely you don’t even notice that you are anymore. I wish you can find new people who you can talk to, who you can share with, who you’ll be inspired and motivated from. Who understand and love you and your art and passion.

Remember that I love you and I wish you the best. No one can love you more than I do and I would like to take care of you more.