Life has an unfed hunger

by Hiền Nga

my heart my brain ache loving life. i can cry for it many many times over and over. please, please, do something to control it better, passion is too much an untamed wild horse flying to the wide jungle the gray moon the deep blue sea. i long i love i live. sometimes it burns like thousands and thousands of white stars in my inner universe. or it struggles and jumps like hell like a green moist frog in my awkward hands. i desire i thirst i learn i work i give i give my all. like Verity said, there’s nothing too short (like a dress, or a scarf wrapped around one’s body as a dress), there’s no life so little or no job too hard or no work too illicit or no schedule too exhausting. i do i do i live i live this life and i live the heck of it don’t give it a chance to let a chance pass me by. i absorb every drop of essence i can extract out of it i suck every bit of marrow i force out of it and i pour my all into it. love love love, there’s no love so much greater or more burning than this. it crawls with all its thousands feet, curling itself up in my guts, beats, beats, beats with my heart and breathes, breathes, breathes with my brain. gonna explode gonna expose gonna experience experiment it all. ’cause i won’t let it go ’cause i love it and vow every piece of my flesh every drop of my blood every thread of my soul for life for life.

i won’t fail it.