by Hiền Nga

I got married to her last night,
which makes you my “secret” mistress.
so madam mistress, how has your day been so far?
have you had a gleam of sunlight on your eyelash
jumping, jumping like a cheerful frog?
has the hyper wind whacked your head
and spun your world around and round?
has some pheasant girl come your way
carrying a pinkish blossoms bouquet?
all to make (what I want to give) a beautiful day.
madam mistress, you missed our date
you made me frown and sigh;
left a morning of no dusk,
did to me no joy or excite
made my white bed sheet wrinkle and my alarm clock restless.
but no worry, madam mistress,
we have days and lives ahead
to go our way from A to B
and the way will always be
incomplete, so we can keep walking to the sea.
and yeah, my dear mistress,
one day I might get tired of all the walking
I’ll stop, lying on cold stones, resting in my woman’s womb
the one I got married to, with all my sweet hallucination
forgetting your existence at all to the pores on my flesh.
and when she gives me yogurt,
I’d miss your homecook.

maybe. or not.

my darling mistress, this is no infidelity
not when I make love to her, or cuddle with you in bed.
I want it all, I guess.

July 28, 2009
For my newly wedded, and my long time partner
whom might be either real or imagined, your call, yes?