by Hiền Nga

On the wish-book of years passed
many childhood’s fairies came to sleep
the lone wooden stool by the window
sat many dreams before they went away

A sudden rain, a fleeting doorframe
a flickering face vanishing without a trace
many trains arriving to the station many ships returning to shore
but coming to me only you had not

Many roads you’d been on, many faces you’d met
many friends you’d shared a laugh with
many other cities you’d stepped your feet on
many bustling sunsets printed in your eyes
maybe you’d found shelter in the rain with me at a crossroad
you walked pass the stairs without a care you might even sing out loud
there were times you got sick yet I knew not
you lived under a roof in the same city with me
yet we had met not even once
you knew not of my suffering my sorrow
my waiting my yearning
in retrospect I’m still mad with you much
do you know of those long years
I was like the guy
in the old song
searching for you wandering the rivers
“one letter I’m expecting
two letters I’m awaiting
three four letters I’m longing
why still don’t I see you”

Now we belong together
for the rest of time
Even all the loving can never be nearly enough
how could I blame you
but you oughta know
we were supposed to be in love a long long time ago.