Splendor in the Air (1) & (2)

by Hiền Nga

(1) Monday afternoon, Saigon

Riding the Warrior Princess along the windy canal, basking in the sweet, warm Saigon afternoon sun, toes skipping to Pink Martini, kissed by a cat. Light runs in your veins and all that is flowing through your tender heart is warmth and sweetness. Sing for me, birdie in the coconut corner. Send your song to the dancing sun.

(2) Thursday afternoon, Phnom Penh

Let’s remake our history, Phnom Penh. Let’s swim in your golden sun and drunken laughter and weightless breezes. I quite like you, I do do do. For me you fill yourself with honey light and frangipani’s fragrance and sneaky quicky kisses and I fail to hide you in the folds of my thin, short hair.