The Eyes of Pumpkin Flowers

by Hiền Nga

one day i’ll share with you frida
one day i’ll share with you vincent
one day i’ll share with you how
and why
my heart bleeds

but for now
for you
it’s a world where
van gogh paints pumpkin seeds, and kahlo
has a jungle blossoming from her hair;
where beauty
and pains
are a dichotomy

For the little duckling who probably still believes in the duality of pain and happiness, may you grow into the beautiful chaos of an inquiring and righteous mind (like Frida Kahlo?). Promise one day soon I’ll accompany you to the twilight zone, where you’ll bathe and be awed by the complexity of light and darkness. But for now, enjoy the soft, pink, fuzzy light of your Spring. And know that I’m with you. I’m with you.