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The Eyes of Pumpkin Flowers

one day i’ll share with you frida
one day i’ll share with you vincent
one day i’ll share with you how
and why
my heart bleeds

but for now
for you
it’s a world where
van gogh paints pumpkin seeds, and kahlo
has a jungle blossoming from her hair;
where beauty
and pains
are a dichotomy

For the little duckling who probably still believes in the duality of pain and happiness, may you grow into the beautiful chaos of an inquiring and righteous mind (like Frida Kahlo?). Promise one day soon I’ll accompany you to the twilight zone, where you’ll bathe and be awed by the complexity of light and darkness. But for now, enjoy the soft, pink, fuzzy light of your Spring. And know that I’m with you. I’m with you.


He Comes With April

Little bee
Over the tree
Buzzes its heart
Wishing to be free

Slender vines
Twinkling eyes
Cross their hearts
And hope not to die
(By and by)

The one with wings
Wearing green leaves that sing
Touches her heart
Kissed by the morning


To em K, for days apart – I was kept to be taught many things, including loving K.


Em ơi
___I haven’t been able to sleep
_______________the last four nights!

Missing you
___Sinh Tu Street
_________blackened my nose
_____________________the smell of coal
_______________________________the smell of dust.

Missing the house
__________________you alone

Em ạ,
Love is not calm ever

It overrides waves,
_______overrides rain,
______________rages storms…

___is not about
________giving each other
________a bunch of flowers every day

It is about
___those long nights

hair unkempt
________like big rows of trees

it struggles
_______on windy nights.

___is not
___dreaming on each other’s shoulder
___sad dreams under the worn moon

but you must live
__________must undress
__________________rain and shine

must sweat
_____through the liver.

Love is not about
____________for a thousand years
______________________cheek by cheek

but suddenly  –
_____________a shared heart

must cut it

a half for one
_______ one
_______ holds a half …

___is not
___those black cars
___________on the train of life

on some trips
________are removed
_________________or added

Itself is

with a thousand cars
_______some days – bright
____________ some days – lightless

Million of horsepower
____________the crazy train
____________________wild train

it crashes randomly
_________breaking legs
_______________day and night

it howls to death

it screeches
________on an earth
_________________before human

before society
_____before morality

Love is not
__whatever love
____________is ok

it is strange
_______like in a starry sky
___________million million of light

Only I
____losing my voice

could call
____the – star – you (why – are – you)

And there is you
_________going ‘til losing your

then stopped
_____holding me alone
__________in sadness

the – star – me (why – am – I)
__________________pouring fire
_____________________burning the sky…

___is not
________is ok!

but it’s like
___poetry lines


Em ơi
__you’re crying again
____________em à?

In the empty house
_____________the dog lies howling…

I punched the sky
__________a few punches

now I
______a room

four walls
____they cling onto the body of

to teach me many things

and love
_– that is our story…

Carefully read
________this poem nhé

Try to count
_____many words
__________many rhymes

are like many nights
_____________you watched the sky of stars

you saw
_____a star

the – star – me (why – am – I)
__________________moving through the sky

its tail was in flames
__________– what an
_____________angry star

I allow
__you to cry much
_______ cry more

Em ơi
_your love
_____is eternally ageless

for ten of centuries
____________why (the star)
___________________am I (me’s)
_________________________still burning…



On the wish-book of years passed
many childhood’s fairies came to sleep
the lone wooden stool by the window
sat many dreams before they went away

A sudden rain, a fleeting doorframe
a flickering face vanishing without a trace
many trains arriving to the station many ships returning to shore
but coming to me only you had not

Many roads you’d been on, many faces you’d met
many friends you’d shared a laugh with
many other cities you’d stepped your feet on
many bustling sunsets printed in your eyes
maybe you’d found shelter in the rain with me at a crossroad
you walked pass the stairs without a care you might even sing out loud
there were times you got sick yet I knew not
you lived under a roof in the same city with me
yet we had met not even once
you knew not of my suffering my sorrow
my waiting my yearning
in retrospect I’m still mad with you much
do you know of those long years
I was like the guy
in the old song
searching for you wandering the rivers
“one letter I’m expecting
two letters I’m awaiting
three four letters I’m longing
why still don’t I see you”

Now we belong together
for the rest of time
Even all the loving can never be nearly enough
how could I blame you
but you oughta know
we were supposed to be in love a long long time ago.


Hạnh Phúc

John có
Một đôi ủng
Đi mưa
Rất to
John có
Một chiếc mũ
Đi mưa
Rất to
John có một
Chiếc áo mưa
Rất to
Và đó
(John bảo rằng)
Chính là nó.


Home, Let Me Come Home

Me wants to go back “home” Lucie,
Where all the lizards’d be
On the big hill and green green grass
With the freedom to be we.

In Norwegian Woods

My toes are frozen under two feet of snow
I’m still wandering in the damp forest
All I can feel is hot veins rushing through my chest
All I know, all I know
(is that)
I want to be in this happening moment with you.
I’m still knee-deep in love with you.

Chạy mưa

thế đấy nhé
các bạn cứ đi chơi đi
mưa lại đổ ụp xuống đầu
không kịp chạy mưa đâu
lại ướt hết…
lại chạy cả vào nhau!

On the Bottom of an Ocean

On the bottom of an ocean,

It’s inconvenient to do anything:

Breathe, eat, sleep, write,

Find balance, feel alright.

You make weird sounds through your mouth in the water,

And your face is soaking wet

Water hurts your eyes I guess.

And that pressure of the water layering on top of your chest

Must feel really bad.

But you can’t choose to drown instead.

Bạn làm bằng cái gì

Bạn ơi,
Tóm lại bạn làm bằng cái gì
Mà khiến từng ngày của ta vui đến thế?

Bạn làm bằng:
Những dòng chữ lệch nhau trong kịch bản,
Ba màu cue notes chồng chéo dán chíu chít từng trang,
Dàn đèn nóng, nặng, và cồng kềnh,
Hệ thống âm thanh rất hay mất tín hiệu.
Bạn làm bằng những cô cậu diễn viên đôi khi quên lời thoại,
Ông đạo diễn dở hơi ta ghét nhất trên đời,
Chị đạo diễn kỹ thuật thiếu ngủ,
Bạn crew đan mũ len.
Bạn làm bằng những vấp váp, vài giây chững lại khi ta quên
Gọi chi tiết này kia vào vị trí,
Bạn làm bằng những tạp âm backstage
Khi ai đó đánh rơi vài thứ linh tinh.
Kể cả khi bạn khiến ta căng thẳng, bực mình,
Kể cả khi bạn đỏng đảnh khiến ta phát cáu,
Vì sao ta vẫn yêu, vẫn chờ, vẫn nhớ, vẫn chăm sóc từng chút một tình cảm của chúng mình,
Vẫn mong có bạn ở trong ta thêm hồi, chương nữa?

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